Smart Anti-lost Key Finder

Smart anti-lost Key Finder“Blackcoin”, according to the sound to locate, help you to find the lost items within the shortest time.

smart anti-lost Key Finder (receiver)

It can be put in the wallet interlining.
The thickness is only 0.2 inch,the weight is only 5g,small and convenient

Multitask management

as many as 6 Key Finders (receivers) can be associated with one transmitter.
The Key Finder (receivers) can be attached to key, mobile phone, wallet and luggage etc,
almost all the important items in personal life and work are feasible.

One key calling, simple to operate,
more suitable for the old people and children.

With just one press on the button of the transmitter,
the beep sound from the Key Finder (receiver)
will lead you to locate and find the lost items.

Ultra-low consumption, standby time for 1 year or more.

Don’t need to replace the battery frequently, energy conservation and environmental protection,
it has a strong practicability.

Easy to install

Detachable transmitter bracket, not only can put it on the desktop, but also can be nailed on the wall.

80db,sweet and clear

Whether adults or children, can clearly hear the anti-lost key ring buzz, even though it was lost in the dark corner

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